Heavy Equipment Manufacturing & Maintenance Solutions

DIME International Mechanical Engineering is your trusted contractor for Trucks, Trailers, and truck-mounted equipment design, manufacturing, and maintenance solutions in Qatar. As a workshop and multi-brand complete service provider, we specialize in structural fabrication and tank maintenance, offering practical problem-solving unique to each project. Rely on us for comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Heavy Equipment

Transport Equipment Maintenance

Customized Transport Equipment Solutions for Every Need

Preparation Works

Expert Bending, Cutting, and Rolling Services

Lathe Works

Specialized Lathe Services for Large-Scale Machinery

Hydraulic Works

Specialized Hydraulic Works for Heavy Machinery

Boat or Yacht Maintenance

Seamless Care for Your Maritime Jewel

Heavy Equipment Projects

Heavy Equipment

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Heavy Equipment

Qatar Airways

Heavy Equipment

Aspire Zone

Heavy Equipment

Al Abdulghani Motors

Heavy Equipment

Al Shamal Sports Club

Heavy Equipment Products

Heavy Machinery

Fuel Tank

Heavy Machinery

Crane Mounted Truck

Heavy Machinery

Full-Box Cargo Body

Heavy Machinery

FlatBed Trailer

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Machining Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

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