Telecommunication Towers


Telecommunication Towers are steel structures used to support communication equipment and antennas for wireless communication services.  These towers vary in shapes and sizes and their design depends on the specific requirement of the client.  They have their own unique features and advantages.  Fabrication of towers is a complex process that requires intricate designing, quality control, and strict adherence to safety standards and regulations complying with Qatar Standard Guidelines.


6 Meters to 15 Meters


  • Microwave Towers
  • Signal Towers
  • Telecom Towers
  • Antenna Towers


  • EPIC Contractors
  • Work Sites
  • Offshore Maintenance
  • Telecom Companies
  • Military & Defense
  • Scientific Research & Communication


Microwave Towers

They are tall steel structures equipped with microwave dish antennas.  Microwave signals in the form of microwave frequency range are transmitted between towers as narrow beams allowing high-capacity long distance communication.

Signal Towers  

Signal Towers are widely used in Industrial and Commercial settings to convey crucial information about machine and process status safety, and other operational aspects.  They help streamline processes by providing real-time feedback reducing errors and downtime.

Telecom Towers

Telecom Towers are mostly lattice like structures composing of steel or other metals.  They serve as backbone of modern communication networks connecting people, businesses and machines.

Antenna Towers

Antenna Towers are structures designed to support various types of antennas and communication equipment.  They are critical for enabling wireless communication and data transmission in various industries.  They vary in type and are designed to meet specific needs to provide the essential infrastructure for modern communication.

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